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I grew up with humble beginnings. Both of my parents work full-time jobs with no secondary education. My dad served in the United States Army, and my upbringing taught me that I needed to work hard in everything that I do. I'm a Christian and I was brought up in the church from the age of 6 years old. I'm married to a retired United States combat Veteran who served 12 years in the United States Army. My husband completed 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan. I have children in Charlotte Mecklenburg School and have served as a former PTSA Vice President at Palisades Park Elementary. I have been a successful small business owner in Mecklenburg County for 7 years and I'm an advocate for women in business! Below you find a list of issues I plan to address as County Commissioner At-Large.

As a mother with children currently attending Charlotte Meckelnburg school, I know the struggles that currently exist in our current schools. As a former PTSA Vice President and registered volunteer with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, I'm heavily involved in the school community. As County Commisioner At-Large and mom, I want your voice to be heard as it relates to issues in your child's school. Safety in our schools will be a top priority.

I will continue to support the county efforts in this area with recommendations for areas of improvements. One of several improvements will include helping and supporting funding for programs that will teach students in high schools and middle schools students with learning trades while in High School and Middle School. I plan to come up with  innovate ways to help small businesses provide services to Charlotte Mecklenburg School through their vendor servicess program that will advance schools and the economy.  I fully support the current Meck Pre-k program. This program has a great impact on students being ready for Kindgeratern. 

Economic Opportunity 
If we can improve the economy through opportunities, we can help with the affordable housing crisis that we face.

As a 7 year business owner in Mecklenburg county, I know the struggles other business owners are facing when starting a business and operating their business. The number one struggle is funding. I plan to fully support to increase funding efforts to minority small businesses through the Business Investment Grant program. I will bring awareness to the community that there is such a grant that exist within our community. I plan to fully support to increase funding to our community in the Workforce Development program.  I plan to come up with innovate ways to increase opportunities for small business to do business with big coporations. 

Affordable Housing

If it wasn't for my husband's severance pay from the military, it would have been impossible to afford to pay the rent prices in 2015 in Mecklenburg County. 

Affordable housing is a crisis in Mecklenburg county, and I plan to fully support the expansion of affordable housing with the efforts to support existing AND new organizations that have a focus on helping with the affordable housing crisis. I plan to expand our reach and funding to smaller organizations and non-profits. Affordable housing will tie in with building a stronger economy in Mecklenburg county and we do this by creating jobs that pay well. We can help with affordable housing by supporting our small & big businesses that will create jobs here in Mecklenburg county. I plan to come up with an innovative way to increase affordable housing in the county.

Homeless Community 

As County Commissioner At-Large, I plan to tackle and come up with an innovative way to help tent city with a more permanent solution. I will address the homeless population in the suburban area and throughout the entire Mecklenburg county. I plan to expand funding reach to non-profits through our community service grants program that focuses on helping the homeless population.

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